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Fee Guide

Children and young adults up to the age of 25 may be treated under the NHS scheme.  This treatment is free until the age of 18, or 19 if in full time education. Thereafter standard NHS fees apply. 


Patients who are exempt from NHS fees must provide a valid certificate prior to being treated.


NHS Scheme


Examination/Scale & Polish


General treatment (fillings etc.) incl of examination


Extensive treatment (e.g. crowns/dentures etc.)



Private Fees


Patients who see us privately can be registered on a 'pay a you go' scheme or through Denplan Care. We also see patients who have their own dental insurance and work with all major providers in the UK.


'Pay as you go' Scheme (private)


Appointment type
Pay as you go
New patient examination incl x-rays
Routine examination (registered patients)
Oral health examination incl scale & polish by Hygienist
from £30.00
Routine examination and scale & polish by Dentist
X – Rays (each)
Fillings (amalgam)
from £50.00
Fillings (tooth coloured)
from £55.00
Root Canal (front tooth) based on hourly rate
from £250.00
Root Canal (back tooth) based on hourly rate
from £350.00
Dentures (plastic, partial to full)
from £400.00
from £200
Dentures (metal)
from £850.00
from £400
Bridges per unit
from £430.00
from £130
Extractions (per tooth)
from £65.00
Crowns, porcelain bonded metal
from £430.00
from £130
Tooth Whitening (10% discount for Denplan patients)
from £350.00
from £300
from £300.00
from £300
from £2,200.00
Emergency out of hours call out (excl treatment)


Denplan Care


What is it?

The scheme allows you to make fixed regular payments to cover the costs of your dental treatment.  Your payments mean you can budget for your regular care and ensure you get access to a dentist when you need it.


For full details of what is included under the scheme, please visit www.denplan.co.uk


How is the monthly subscription calculated?

The dentist will assess the oral health status of a patient by the treatments received, the condition of gums and condition of oral hygiene, all of which will have a points score.  The total score will place the patient in one of five bands, each with a monthly subscription rate (see below).


What is not covered under the DenplanCare Scheme?


The Denplan Care scheme is one of the most comprehensive schemes ont he market, which is why it has over 1.8 million members nationwide. Like most care schemes, it tries to keep competitive in the market and therefore does not provide certain cosmetic treatments, othodontics, dental implants or sedations.


Refer to the Denplan website www.denplan.co.uk or call us today on 01223 835845 to find out more.


Denplan Care Fees















These fees are payable each month to Denplan Ltd for the 12 month period commencing January 2018. The scope of treatment available under the scheme is detailed in a brochure available at the reception desk.