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Referring Dentists

Welcome to the area of our site especially dedicated to dentists that refer patients to us for dental implants.


As a general practice also offering implant treatments both in house and to external practitioners we understand the need to be absolutely clear on our policy of not accepting any referred patients onto to our general patient register.


We have a strict code of conduct regarding our relationship with you:


  • We will never carry out treatment beyond the scope of the referral without checking back with you first of all.
    Following our analysis and discussions, if the patient chooses a level of treatment that falls within your remit and you want to do it, we will return the patient to you with any information we have gathered to help you. Of course, we are more than happy to complete this work on your behalf should you request us to.
  • We will always return the patient to you when their treatment is completed.
    Patients will be made fully aware of how our relationship with their dentist works and that their own dentist will be looking after them once the treatment is completed.


We are wholly committed to upholding this policy and will advise you immediately should any patient make any request to transfer their registration to us. Patients will be informed that we can only accept them as patients for treatment for which they have been referred and that all referred cases are returned back to their general dentist for continuing care.


We regard referral for implant treatment as a partnership between your practice and ours for the ultimate benefit of the patient. We would be delighted for you to be involved at a particular stage or to undertake certain parts of surgery if this is an area of interest to you.


Thank you for entrusting your patients to our care.